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Wizi is the perfect solution for frontend teams looking to save time and work more efficiently. With Wizi, you can quickly search React (JS/TS) codebases with natural language, allowing you to find exactly what you’re looking for in no time. Plus, the AI agent provides a streamlined experience, taking care of common frontend tasks like creating new features, refactoring existing code, migrating files, and updating HTML/CSS.Say goodbye to slow, tedious code searches and hello to faster, more efficient workflow. Get ahead of the curve and reserve your spot for early access to Wizi. Make the most of your time and be the first to experience the power of Wizi’s code search feature and AI agent.

Wizi: Use cases and features

1. Generate React components quickly with Wizi’s AI agent.
2. Update HTML/CSS with natural language code searches.
3. Migrate files in a streamlined manner with Wizi.