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It can also help with research and data gathering, giving teachers and schools access to the latest research and data in the field.SchoolAI is an invaluable resource for teachers and schools looking to save time and energy on mundane writing tasks. It is an AI writing tool designed specifically for the education sector, allowing users to customize their results and tailor their documents to their needs. With SchoolAI, teachers and schools can save hours each week on writing reports, lesson plans, emails, marking, brainstorms, quizzes, and more. It even helps with research and data gathering so that teachers can easily access the most recent information and data in their field. SchoolAI is the perfect tool for busy teachers and schools who want to maximize their productivity and minimize their time spent on tedious writing tasks.

SchoolAI: Use cases and features

1. Generate custom reports for students’ progress tracking.
2. Automatically generate lesson plans based on research.
3. Create personalized quizzes and tests quickly.