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Pen is an open-source editor for Emacs that makes programming and text editing simpler and more efficient. With its user-friendly interface, customizable key-bindings, and powerful language support, Pen offers an ideal solution for developers and writers alike.Pen’s core features include syntax highlighting for a variety of programming languages, auto-complete capabilities, and the ability to store snippets of code for easy reuse. To make coding more efficient, Pen also provides macros and custom commands to automate commonly-performed tasks. Additionally, it makes it easy to switch between projects, with a tab-based system to quickly switch between files.For writers, Pen offers a range of features to help them get their ideas down quickly and easily. It has a distraction-free mode for uninterrupted writing, as well as inline spell-checking and dictionary support to catch typos. Additionally, it allows users to customize their text editor with color schemes, fonts, and themes.

pen: Use cases and features

1. Syntax highlighting for multiple programming languages.
2. Auto-complete capabilities and code snippets.
3. Tab-based file switching to switch between projects.