Sales Assistant, Summarizer


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  • $34.33
  • 4.8 is a revolutionary sales analysis tool that helps you understand your customers better and make your sales process more efficient. With Meeple, you can easily analyze your sales calls and generate personalized mini-sites that communicate the unique needs of your buyers, in their own words. The mini-sites provide a concise and comprehensive summary of each buyer’s requirements, enabling you to follow up quickly and accurately. Plus, you can use Meeple to generate these one-pagers automatically with just one click after each sales call. Meeple’s advanced technology will automatically gather all the relevant buyer information from the call, and present it in a clear and concise format that can be used for follow-up purposes. No more tedious note-taking after each call – Meeple does it all for you.

Meeple: Use cases and features

1. Automatically generate personalized mini-sites for buyers with one click.
2. Analyze sales calls to better understand customers.
3. Instantly create concise summaries of buyer requirements.