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Limitless Events for the Web3 era also provides secure payments and verifiable attendance, with a QR code verification system that ensures all attendees are accounted for The tool also provides analytics and reporting capabilities to give users valuable insights into the effectiveness of their events, including the number of attendees, time on page, and more.Limitless Events for the Web3 era is an AI-powered tool designed to revolutionize event hosting for marketing teams. By integrating advanced blockchain technology and web3, our platform offers verifiable attendance, personalized marketing, and insightful data for informed event planning. You can quickly set up online events and promote them through team profiles or an iframe on your company site. Our secure payment system and QR code verification guarantee accurate attendance and keep your events safe. Plus, our analytics and reporting capabilities provide valuable insights into the success of your events, from the number of attendees to the time spent on each page.

Chainfuse: Use cases and features

1. Set up secure online events.
2. Integrate advanced blockchain tech.
3. Leverage analytics and reporting.