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Call My Link

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to review The tool also has a transcription and translation feature, so that users can communicate in different languages.Call My Link is a powerful AI-powered meeting portal that offers an easy and secure way to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world. With Call My Link, you can create your own personal URL and instantly start real-time video and audio communication without creating a Stork account, saving you time and hassle. Powered by ChatGPT and OpenAI, this sophisticated platform listens to conversations, transcribes them, and provides a summary for all participants to review. Furthermore, Call My Link offers an impressive transcription and translation feature, allowing you to communicate in different languages, making it easier to collaborate with global teams. Whether you’re working remotely or meeting with clients, Call My Link delivers a simple and secure way to connect and communicate with anyone.

Call My Link: Use cases and features

1. Create a personal URL to start real-time video and audio communication.
2. Automatically transcribe and summarize conversations.
3. Transcribe and translate conversations in different languages.